We create a range of application specific test equipment. We also design and manufacture a selection of non-standard products including vintage automotive items.

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Test Equipment

Engine Oil Pump Test

Within our extensive range of test equipment we create a product specific oil pump performance test machine.


Seen to the left here, this system maintains the test oil at the set temperature and measures 'time to prime' from a fixed head. Flow is measured at various pressures and speeds.


In conclusion, the oil is purged to prepare the unit for dispatch.

Dynamometer Testing

Typical PLC Screen

For determining the performance of a range of motors, either air or electric powered, design and manufacture special dynamometers capable of measuring the torque at various set points, speeds and input pressures/voltages.


Our current systems use PLCs with colour touch screen displays as shown in the image above.

Specialized Products & Vintage Automotive

High Delivery Oil Pump

For vintage cars still in use for racing or hill climbs, we create bespoke high performance oil pumps. These normally have at least twice the output of the original product.


These items are made to order, on a one of basis built around the customers specific requirement.

Oil Filter Conversion

Older vehicles were normally fitted with separate canister and filter units, with restrictive performance and would spill a large amount of oil during replacement.


Our designs replace all of the original parts with adaptors and provide a contemporary 'spin on' self containing delivery canister filters.


Included is a non-return valve to prevent the oil draining whilst the engine is stationary. This provides increased protection to an engine during a 'cold start'


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