Extra Large Milling Machines


The machine shown to the left has a usable capacity of 3000mm x 1000mm x 10mm deep. Overall sizes are 4400mm x 1900mm x 350 and the complete unit weighs 680kg.


Stock removal rate is 2000mm/min x 20mm wide x 0.5mm deep with a 40mm carbide tipped cutter rotating at 15,000RPM.

Control Panels

All of our machines can have integrated or remote control panels. The example to the right shows a typical remote panel with a Siemens PLC and colour HMI touch panel with physical 'soft keys'.

A typical screen detail is shown above for absolute control of all machining dimensions.


All operator adjustable controls are automatically stored in non-volatile memory.

Typical Installation

The above image displays a typical representation of one of our extra large milling machines integrated into a complete project - our machine is highlighted within a red frame.


The milling machine is moved into position automatically with PLC Servo Control.

The Finished Product

Shown here is a fully machined reinforcing plate for locating and securing the complete vertical tail plane of a military transport plane, highlighted within a red frame.

The End Product

The Embraer KC-390 during its maiden flight in Brazil.


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