We design and manufacture specialised inspection and alignment equipment.

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Gear Centre Distance Gauge

This specialised gauge has been designed and manufactured for measuring the gear meshing error of a worm and wheel configuration.


Self calibration is achieved using master references for various gear combinations and the resolution is 0.001mm over 25mm.

Product Length Variation Inspection

This specialised gauge is for measuring deformation on plastic components. Before taking measurements, the product is clamped in position in two places and then measured at both ends.


Resolution is 2x0.001mm over a range of 80mm through 190mm.


Normality and Location

This specialised instrument is capable of locating the normal line from a spherical or compound curved surface.


On ascertaining normality, the location of an existing reference hole can be confirmed. Resolution 0.01mm with a range of 5mm.

Reference Hole Drilling

For creating a master reference hole in a circular pocket, we created this drilling jig, which contains a standard drill bush.


When placed in a pocket, the integrated vacuum generator is activated by compressed air through an incorporated slide valve.


Vacuum sealing is achieved by multiple 'o' rings.


Air pressure is 6 bar whilst diameter is 85mm.


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