Drive Shaft Audit Test

For backlash, end float and stiffness measurement under different articulate conditions.

Water Pump Testing

12 test station, fully automatic conveyor based, palletised water pump evaluation machine.


Eight Different tests are carried out on each pump with a throughput of 1 pump every 4 seconds.

CNC Machining Facilities

To support manufacture of our high quality products we use 4 axis CNC milling machines and 3 axis mill/turn machines with live tooling.


This machine has a capacity of 900mm x 700mm x 550mm and a 12KW drive system, continuously rated.

Braking Testing System

Engine Accessory Research

Testing of Twinned Master Cylinder braking systems for inner-chamber and external leakage, complete with test progress mimic panel and interlocking reject bin.

Dynamic simulation of a 7 litre, V8 Engine Accessory set with a 60KW variable speed drive, for fundamental Research and Development.

Oil Pump Testing

Performance testing of Diesel Engine Oil Pumps at various speeds including initial dry-prime.


Machine designed for total spillage catchment to maintain a clean working environment

Spirit Optic Calibration

10- station test for approving Spirit Optics to Government/Consumer Protection Regulations.

Examination is made for mid-point leakage and volumetric discharge to set point limits.

Mechanical Linkage Testing

Performance test for a composite Wiper Motor and Linkage mechanism for angle of wipe and park angle with speed performance evaluation.


Testing conducted independently on both spindles complete with individual loading.

Mechanical Detail

Showing the mechanical layout of a typical twin chassis fixture for speed, torque and angle measurement.


The detail is shown complete with belt driven interlocking guards, particle clutch and twin head optical transducer.

Control Panel detail

Electrical Detail

Engraved laminate panel complete with an illuminated mimic area, instrumentation, general indication and control buttons.


The majority of our panels are fabricated in horizontally finished stainless steel and invisibly welded to the machine frame.

Armature Test layout for electrical, bar to bar testing of a 24 segment armature with Kelvin connectors.


Armature is static and the electronics form a dynamic rotary motion.

Electrical Motor Performance Testing

2 Station test for 12 Volt motors. Clamping and testing of 9 functions are fully automatic on guard closure.


Results indication is by comprehensive pass/fail lamps with numerical results displayed on a standard VDU.


A full set of computer driven analogue instruments is also visible.


Head up display similar to modern aircraft instrumentation, with combined analogue and digital meters.


Instrumentation is fully dynamic with auto- ranging/ scaling on change of appropriate mechanical gain mechanism.


The screen shot to the left was first developed in 1982 and has been expanded and improved many times since that date.


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