Full CNC Machines

Three Axis CNC

At the top of this image is a three Axis CNC profiling machine with a Computer Controlled Operator Platform shown in Neutral Balance Condition on an Airbus wing. This neutral balance condition is controlled by the platform.


As this machine is controlled by a standard CNC system, it is capable of machining any required three dimensional profile by inputting a new programme.


To the left of the picture is a complete replica wing section, used for operator training and programme trials. When the machine is not in use, it is stored in cups located above this complete replica wing section.


In this condition the complete system is easily transported from site to site.

Normality Alignment to Compound Profile

This machine also incorporates built in Lasers for XY Location and Low Power High Brightness Lamps for work piece examination and measurement.


Normality alignment is adjusted with three legs and the complete machine is fixed in position with eight Vacuum Cups. The Vacuum pressure for these cups is generated on machine.


Full condition monitoring is employed to guarantee that all systems are operating at the required level for successful product manufacture.


Cutting speed is 15,000 RPM with a feed of 1500mm/min in all directions.

Mobile Machine Integration

This self contained platform for supporting a machine at all times is controlled by a PLC. This rigid structure is movable by hand and incorporates pneumatic jacks for total stability when in metal cutting mode. The PLC and CNC communicate with each other to ensure the total integrity of the machine.

Compound Normality Gauge

To complement our CNC Machines we have Normality Aligment Gauging, shown here, which is located in a pre-determined position on a machine and provides facilities for aligning normal (perpendicular) to a spherical or compound curved surface.


With this same gauge the XY location can be confirmed following alignment.


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